Thermae's sweethearts

07 Februari 2019

Our third Valentine is no one other than Kevin De Clerq (@kevin_dc96)! An Antwerp native who just recently discovered the perks of a spa day at Thermae Grimbergen. Curious as we are, we invited him back for Valentine's Day and found out what he's got in store for the most romantic time of the year. 

How did you and your partner meet?

We met online, on Facebook (that's about 2 years ago now). We knew each other through a mutual friend and start talking online. A couple of days later we met in person and we have been a duo ever since!

Describe your partner in three words. 

Loving - Loyal - Best friend. 

What was your best Valentine's day so far? 

I took Manoj to Disneyland Paris because he had never been there before. It was really magical to see him respond to certain things, sharing our mutual love for Disney! I hope we can top that experience soon with a visit to Thermae!

What are your plans for this Valentines day? 

I want to make a dinner reservation at the same restaurant where we shared our first kiss! That place has a special meaning to the both of us. I am also looking forward to a relaxing spa day at Thermae!

Which Thermae product would you love to receive for Valentines Day? 

The treatment of the month! The Body & Facial treatment with chocolate sounds amazing!