Thermae's sweethearts

05 Februari 2019

Our second Thermae sweetheart is the lovely Julie from @cocktailsandheels. We invited her to spend a day at Thermae before the big Valentine rush. Curious to find out what her plans are for Valentine's day? Read on. 

How did you and your partner meet?

We first saw each other on Netlog (a social network before Facebook ;-)). We started talking and after a couple of weeks we decided to go to the movies on a first date. So we are actually a pre tinder couple 😊

Describe your partner in three words.

Funny realistic optimist

What was your best Valentine's day so far?

We once had a date in the private sauna and afterwards went for dinner, a perfect valentine with just the two of us

What are your plans this Valentine's day?

We don't have anything planned yet. I think we will maybe have a cosy evening at home, making dinner together and watching a movie.

Which Thermae product/treatment would you love to receive for Valentine's day?

The woodmassage seems like a relaxing and effective massage to totally relax!

Marianne Faes is our very first Thermae sweetheart. Click here to read all about her Valentine's day plans!