Your first massage?

03 July 2018

Never had a massage before? You do not know what you have been missing out on! With our three tips, your first massage will be a great success! 

Bathing suit or nude 

You can lie down on the massage table either wearing a bathing suit or entirely naked. Do you prefer to wear a bathing suit? Then choose one that you can easily lower so that your back is completely free for the massage. 

Communication is key 

Do you have health problems? Please report this before the start of the massage. Do you find the massage too soft or too hard? Be sure to indicate this during the massage itself, so that the massage therapist can adjust his or her style immediately. 

Warm up 

Try to warm up before going to the massage room. An infrared sauna session is ideal right before your treatment. Your muscles will already have been preheated, which enables the therapist to work your muscles more firmly. 

By the way, did you know that you can indicate at the time of your booking whether you prefer a male or female therapist? This is taken into account as much as possible during the planning.