Tea Time

17 November 2015

Are you planning your first visit to Thermae Boetfort, or have you been there before but you’d like more information? Then book a package with Tea Time! This formula is for the early birds: those who arrive at our thermal baths before 10.00h can sit back and relax in our restaurant to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee or a lovely cup of steaming hot tea!

10 o'clock sharp

At exactly 10.00h a guided tour of our thermal baths will begin. One of our employees will pick you up at the restaurant and lead you through the cloakroom for a tour of the different saunas and wellness facilities in the bathing suit - and nude sections! Along the way he/she will gladly tell you a little more about the history of our magnificent castle and tell you about the best way for taking a sauna. Calmly warming up, then cooling down, followed by resting for a while before re-entering the sauna. 

Please note: those who wish to participate in this tour should be waiting at the restaurant wearing their bath robes and shouldn’t forget to make a prior reservation at the reception. So please inform us while making your reservation on the phone that you wish to take up our offer. Please make sure to arrive early so that you have plenty of time to change in the cloakroom and enjoy your cup of coffee or tea in the restaurant.

Tea Time is….

Let us summarise the advantages of Tea Time for you again!

•  10 o’clock sharp

•  A complete tour through both sections (bathing suit and nude)

•  A dive into the history of the castle

•  Extra information about the correct way to take a sauna

•  Inform us of your wish to take the tour when you make your reservation

Tea Time takes place once a day before the opening of the thermal baths. After the guided tour, you can fully enjoy our wellness facilities from 10.30h onwards. Do you still have questions? Talk to one of our Aufguss masters in the wellness section or ask your question at the reception. Our staff will gladly help you!