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A bathrobe is not mandatory in the thermal baths, but it is outside. You must also wear a bathrobe when you walk around in the castle or restaurant. You can bring your own bathrobe or hire one on site. Don’t forget to bring towels with you because you are obliged to sit or lie on a towel in the sauna. You must also wear slippers. All these items are available at reception.
Access to the thermal baths, as the name implies, applies to both parts of our thermal baths, which are full of saunas, wellness, and relaxation. And so, you can visit both parts provided that you change your clothing as necessary. For example, you are forbidden to enter the swimwear part nude or to enter the nude part in swimwear. You are, of course, not obliged to walk around the nude part with no clothing on. You walk around in a bathrobe and take a sauna with a towel tied around your body.
Shower slippers have been mandatory in our thermal baths since 2012. This is not so much for reasons of hygiene (our saunas and thermal baths are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly several times a day) as for your own comfort and safety. Walking on a somewhat slippery surface with wet feet is dangerous. However, you will certainly be pleased to wear slippers for a walk through the park. You will soon see why when you visit Thermae. You can bring your own shower slippers or hire disinfected shower slippers or buy new shower slippers at reception.
Take good care of your belongings. When you leave our premises, have a good look in your bathrobe pockets and the lockers to make sure you don’t forget anything. Have you lost something despite these checks? Telephone our reception or send an e-mail to boetfort@thermae.com / grimbergen@thermae.com. We will check to see if we have your lost property and, if so, you can come to collect it or we will send it to you. Note: Due to the large number of items lost, we can only keep them for a maximum of one month. After that, we give them to second-hand charity shops.
The infrared rays penetrate the top layer of skin without heating the skin. They create a deep warm feel which your whole body absorbs. This also increases your circulation so that not only the skin has better circulation, but also the underlying fatty tissues. The fatty acids contained in the fat cells dissolve and disappear along the lymph system out of the body. You will also notice that your skin feels healthier after a cure in an infrared cabin. The infrared rays also increase the heartbeat to create passive fitness training. You can compare this with a warm-up, which is designed to prevent sports injuries. However, people with muscular pain, joint complaints and arthritis can benefit from infrared rays. The heat gives you a salutary feel and the improved circulation in the muscular tissue helps to reduce pain and stiffness in the muscles/joints. Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen also have an infrared sauna. We also offer private special therapies with infrared rays.
The biggest differences between a sauna and a steam cabin relate to the heating capacity and the level of moisture. Temperatures in a sauna reach about 95°C, whereas the temperature in a steam cabin never exceeds 48°C. Furthermore, the level of moisture in a steam cabin is much higher than in a sauna, namely 100% as compared to 20-25% in a sauna. This is why we advise you to start with a steam cabin on your very first visit to a sauna.
Children are allowed in our centre from 6 years onward. They have to respect the serenity of the centre and are permanently under the responsibility of their parents. We will ask you to sign an agreement upon your arrival.