Sauna for dummies

11 July 2013

Are you using the sauna for the first time? Then we would love to offer you a manual! A day at the sauna is very healthy and ensures a quiet moment in the hustle and bustle of every day.

You always start with a shower; do not forget to wet your hair. The heat leaves your body predominantly through your head. After the shower it is important to dry yourself off thoroughly, so your body can sweat more in the sauna.

You warm up in steps. Start by taking a warm foot bath, which gets your circulation going and makes your body temperature rise. First, take a sauna with a lower temperature and rather choose a lower than higher seat. The higher you are, the hotter it feels. Stay there for at least 6 (and up to 15) minutes and then it is very important that you cool down properly. Step in the cool air, walk around a bit and breathe in and out properly. Take a cold shower. Now you're ready for the cold plunge.

Take some time to unwind and warm up before going to another sauna. You should use a towel in the sauna to protect the wooden benches. Drink plenty of water during your sauna day, because of the heat you lose a lot of body fluids.
Remember to shower after you go to the bathroom due to hygiene reasons.

More questions? A sauna master is around the entire day at Thermae Boetfort, he does Aufguss sessions, but you can also ask him questions. He loves to help you out!