Relieve your stress in the sauna

03 June 2016

Haste makes waste. Alas, in this day and age, we often have a schedule which is more packed than the Brussels ring road during rush hour. Therefore, it is important to reserve some me-time between all the meetings, work shifts and commuting. Nothing relaxes the body and mind more than a wellness visit, where you have the chance temporarily to get rid of the stress of daily life, full of activity and rushing around. Professor Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School in Boston said: “The body needs more time to recuperate than just half an hour of watching television. Only an efficient relaxation technique that stops the stress activity in the brain can bring relief.” A session at a sauna has numerous physical advantages, but it is also beneficial to the mind. A visit to a sauna will relax the muscles, whereby the body is able to let go of the deeply rooted tensions. On experiencing the exceptional warmth, the body will automatically switch from thinking to feeling, which gives the mind the chance to unwind. Meanwhile, endorphins, the substances that give you that wonderful relaxing feeling, are released in your body. It goes without saying that at our wellness centre, you can always relax in complete peace and quiet, within the beautiful setting of a 400-year-old castle.

Not convinced yet? Don’t forget that with us you can also enjoy different jacuzzis, relaxation baths, swimming pools and relaxation areas. There is also the possibility of relaxing and getting a nice tan in the park. Do you still want some extra pampering? Then we advise you to have a look at our extensive range of treatments and massages.