Quick facial treatment

17 January 2019

Not a lot of time, but desperate for a quick revitalising treatment? Our 25-minute facial treatment is perfect for you!

I pretty much bounce onto the table with enthusiasm. I am that excited to be able to test this facial treatment. I share a cabin with my best friend. We are covered up all nice and warm, after which the beauty therapist begins her ritual.

My skin is first cleansed with a wonderfully scented cleansing milk and lotion. The friendly therapist then applies a cream to my face and starts massaging my head. It turns out that this cream was a gommage, an exfoliating peeling that absorbs all impurities as it dries and subsequently ‘erases’ them. A gentle product based on lavender and lemon, suitable for all skin types, so I am told.

To end the treatment, a massage with gel mask. This is a two-in-one product. A mask to hydrate my skin and a massage cream. My skin absorbs the product almost completely, so there is no need to apply day cream. The ultimate multipurpose product, in other words.

Unfortunately, the treatment flies by, but luckily, we also opted to have access to the thermal baths. So, off to the Jacuzzi we go for some bubbles!

Tip: This facial treatment is ideal to introduce your husband/boyfriend to the wonderful world of beauty. Quick and efficient!

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