An Origami heart

27 September 2017

Origami isn't easy, but the results are amazing. We will help you by providing these step-by-step instructions:

  • Fold one corner to the other side until it lies against the edge. Do the same on the other side. Rub the paper a few times so that you have a sharp fold.
  • Open the paper and push the parts in the middle against each other and down resulting in a triangle, as seen in the illustration.
  • Fold both corners of the triangle upward so that they form a smaller flap.
  • Turn the paper over and push the top of the triangle down, leaving two small flaps. Fold each flap over and push them into the gap in the triangle you just made. That will be the top of your heart.
  • Turn the paper over again and now you see the back of your heart. Fold the corners at the bottom, leaving open a strip under the base of your heart.
  • Turn the paper over one last time and now push the remaining strip inward, under the point of the heart. Fold the lowest corners towards the inside and fasten them in the same way as in step 4 and your heart is finished!