Four-therapy sauna

09 February 2017

In the four-therapy sauna we combine no less than four different therapies. You can find this sauna in the nude section. There are two entrances: one through the Mine sauna and the second one via the stairs by the Eucalyptus sauna.

Salt therapy

The floor is covered with salt from one of the salt mines in Poland. You enter this sauna barefoot. There are a lot of pressure points in your feet that are stimulated by it. Result? Your blood circulation is increased and bodily blockages can even disappear completely.

Direct infrared therapy

The light spectrum is composed of different rays and infrared is one of them. It is a light that is perceived as warm on our skin. This therapy also stimulates the blood circulation of your body and in addition, it warms up the muscles and subcutaneous tissue, alleviating muscle tension and improving the elasticity of the skin.

Far infrared therapy

While regular infrared therapy works in a targeted way, the rays of FAR infrared are distributed more over the entire body. It is this set of long wave rays that provide a gentle, pleasant heat. It is a wave length that cannot be seen by the human eye, so these panels do not radiate that well-known red colour.

Colour therapy

Colours are also a form of light therapy. Each colour has certain properties, but everyone has a different feeling for colours. These feelings are formed, amongst others, by your own personal experiences.

Red is the first colour of the light spectrum. It stands for courage, endurance and willpower. Red dispels fatigue and gives vitality and energy.

Orange stimulates the cell renewal and the metabolism. This colour makes for creativity, optimism and vitality.

Yellow creates a satisfied feeling and keeps you alert. It is a cheerful colour that represents personal strength and intelligence. It activates your liver and gall bladder, and has a positive influence on your airways.

Green makes you relaxed and helps in cases of fatigue and high blood pressure. It is a peaceful colour that radiates love and provides emotional balance.

Blue soothes and cools, and therefore helps you to relax. It is the ideal colour to dispel depression, but it is also helpful in cases of skin problems and it improves your digestion. It is a colour that represents honesty and trust.

Purple/violet improves the functioning of your lymphatic system and relieves pain. It stimulates your intuition, your imagination and your spiritual development.