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First and foremost, the client’s wishes take priority. You will find that massages are most effective when you can relax. And so, the client has the choice. People usually have a body massage nude, but the body is covered with towels. Paper underwear is provided for the noble parts or you can keep your underpants on, if necessary. Ladies are requested to take off their tops or bras or roll down their swimsuit. Straps and strings do tend to get in the way, especially when the back is massaged. With some creams and oils you are kindly requested to remove your swimwear. Otherwise, later in the day, you’ll be leaving deposits in the water of the Jacuzzi or swimming pool.
No. We have both men and women who give massages. A massage by female hands is usually gentler than a massage by a man, whilst a massage by male hands is often more robust than a massage by female hands. It is essential to have a massage, which is geared to your needs. There’s nothing worse than lying on a massage table feeling frustrated and longing for the finish as soon as possible. Make sure you give the therapist clear instructions! It’s impossible for the therapist to know what every person likes. If you have a preference for a man or a woman, you can mention this at the time of booking. We will try to take your wishes into account as far as possible.
Nothing is more pleasant for a couple than to enjoy a salutary massage together (or perhaps not). This is why our institution has a number of duo cabins. Enjoy the relaxing music and aromatic oils together! This combination is also heartily recommended for a mother-daughter session or a relaxing day out for a group of ladies. We even have a cosy trio cabin in Thermae Boetfort! Interested? Mention this immediately at the time of booking, and then we can take this into account as we draw up our timetable.
Booking is always recommended. This makes it possible for us to plan treatments correctly by providing the proper staff and so on. For example, we always leave time between treatments so you can enjoy a sauna, wellness, pouring baths, and the restaurant and we are in a better position to meet your needs. We only accept bookings by telephone. Don’t despair if you arrive on site and have a mysterious urge for a salutary massage or treatment. Every day, we set aside a few hours for last minutes. You can book these sessions at reception.
You can go to our beauty centre for all sorts of treatments such as manicure, pedicure, facial treatments, depilations, massages, and much more. The treatment cabins are situated in the castle and you don’t need to go to or through the thermal baths to get there. Treatments are available 7/7 from 10.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. You can book by telephone. This web site includes an extensive list.
The content varies according to the duration of the facial treatment. The idea is to carry out the various parts of the treatment properly. A facial treatment of 25 or 50 minutes does not leave enough time for depilations as well. It is included, however, in a facial treatment of 80 minutes, together with a vapozone treatment to remove black spots. If you wish to add depilations to a ‘shorter’ facial treatment, you can do so by booking it separately. You will find it on this web site under the beauty treatments.
Certainly! Seeing that men do this less often, a good cleansing and a salutary massage will prove extremely effective. Men’s skin is much more sensitive than women’s because they take less care of their skin. During our treatments, we use products for men, which are produced specifically for men’s skin.